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Since our relaunch in 2019, this blog is managed by a small but dedicated team of 9 individuals based in Ukraine, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Ireland. All below the age of 30. Most of us coming from troubled backgrounds. We are of different creeds, cultures, and ethnicities, uniting in our love for music.
With the support of several record labels and other organizations, we subtitle music videos. In some cases, these subtitles are in other languages than the original lyrics, meaning they’re translations.
Our goal is making it easier to understand the lyrics. Sadly, too often singers don’t pronounce their words clearly, making it harder for people to understand what is sung. As well in some cases, they simply sing too fast.
It has to be noted that not all of our releases are chosen by us ourselves. We take requests of record labels. And also regular people, if we are able to obtain the licences required.

Our blog opposes the U.S. censorship of profanity, and we don’t censor any of our content. Some of our subtitlers are below the age of 18 and don’t have any trouble with the profanity included in most music videos. We base our content on what is safe to them. Because of this, our blog may not comply with American standards.

We believe that the internet should only be used by individuals of 13 years and older. Still, we don’t deny that individuals younger than this age use the internet. Our blog is rated 13+. And we strongly advise for individuals below the age of 13 to not use our website. We do, however, not restrict our content. In case of someone younger than 13 years of age visiting our website and being affected negatively, we apologize for this. However, our strong opinion is that parents still hold responsibility. We can’t age-gate all of our websites. Therefore, parents, please take notice of this.

We are supportive of copyright, and we always have obtained the required licences.