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YelloPain ft. Jen Miller – Last Time [With Subtitles]

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Run away again.
I can’t keep running from the world.
And I know I said that the last time.
But this time really is the last time.

I know you probably don’t know me.
Yeah, I’m really not trying to.
But I always have my eye on you.
Just wanna let you know, I’m proud of you.
Most people call me the world,
But I like to go by reality.
And the reason you do all that shit to your body
is because you supposedly mad at me.
I love it how you only think about
you and the shit that go into your body.
I love how you better at feeding
addiction than giving your children a mommy.
Yeah, I love that shit.
Welcome to the world!
This what you wanting, I’m guessing.
You do what you wanna do,
get what I give you,
but you don’t give none of your blessings?
400 years of oppression.
I made the African suffer, one after another.
I made the storm in New Orleans,
I gave them Katrina,
all you heard was crackling thunder.
I done sold crack to your mother!
Remember back when I let Hitler round up all the Jews?
If I done let all of that happen back then,
do you really think I give a FUCK about you?!

I love it how you blame the world for all of your problems.
I thank you for putting your personal struggle ahead of your daughter’s.
So, I brought her with me.
Right in front of you, I want you to witness.
All she wanted was your love and attention!
All you gave her was your FUCKING addiction!
Now you about to see me unload the weapon!
First, I gotta cock it back!
What the fuck?!
Get the fuck back, I don’t want you to try to come save her, ’cause you not capable of that!
Look at how you react.
Like you “love” her and shit.
Like you don’t choose getting a fix over giving your daughter a mother and shit.

You don’t know how much I love her!
I try to get better and I do as much as I can!
I know you love her, but once you give her to the world, it might just put a gun to her head!
I won’t give up on her, please!
Don’t hurt my daughter, I love her!
Just give HER a chance!
You can’t ask the world for a chance!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You gotta make a decision, either you choose to be present or choose your addiction.
I didn’t choose it, it chose me.
You say that you love her, then show me!
See every parent with addiction is a child getting whatever the world give them!
You wanna protect her?
You gotta do better!

Run away again.
I can’t keep running from the world.
And I know I said that the last time.
But this time really is the last time.

If I walk away, (there’s) so much to lose, so much to face and forsake.
And I know I said that the last time.
But this time really is the last time.